1-Box Onsite 3.1

1-Box Onsite 3.1



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Date Added:05 March, 2009

Author: Userful Corporation

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Eliminate the expense and burden of individual PC s by getting the ten-to-one advantage for computers onsite. This ten-user Internet kiosk combines ten computers into one, creating the quickest, easiest, and most cost effective way to deploy computers onsite. By simply connecting extra video cards, monitors, keyboards, and mice, ten users are able to work simultaneously and independently off one computer box. This unique, all-on-one, robust computer product is perfect for registration, voting, demos, training, and other onsite events. Investing in Userful s 1-Box Onsite saves 50% on up-front costs (over ten traditional PC s) and because only one IP address is needed, this saves up to $1000 per event on Internet connectivity charges. It also comes pre-bundled with over $3000 worth of public access management software. In short, 1-Box Onsite offers an affordable, worry-free, and easy-to-setup Internet kiosk solution that allows ten users to work off a single computer box. Better than ten PC s: Half the price, one tenth the hassle.

Systems: Windows

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